Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Time Change

The time change has everyone here in a funk. Everyone except ME, that is. I love getting up before the sun. I feel like I get a jumpstart on my day. I feel like I get a lot more accomplished during the day too.

Sarah has slept late both school days this week. Highly unusual for her. She was ready in no time, but I know she was rushing. Not a good way to start the day.

Everyone is sluggish in the mornings. They end up staying up waaay later than they should, making them tired in the mornings. A vicious cycle.

Even Rich slept late. I know, I know. I had to make note of that on my calendar. First time in 20+ years that *I* had to wake HIM up! He's normally awake at the butt-crack of dawn every day, all cheerful and energized by the time I crawl out of bed. It's highly annoying and he loves to tease me in my sleepy state of brain not functioning yet.

Yesterday he left to go off shore. He had to be to the docks by 5. That meant he had to leave last night, drive all night, get a hotel around midnight, sleep a few hours, go to docks to catch the boat. All was fine with the trip, finding a place, settling in and saying goodnight (how I LOVE cell phones!!) This morning I called at 6 hoping to speak to him before he got out of range. When he answered with that deep, husky morning voice I knew something was wrong. He never got his wakeup call from the front desk. He was not happy. He missed the boat and doesn't know when the next one is to catch. That pushes his return home that much later. Darn it, I miss him already. It's just not the same with him gone. I'm patiently waiting for him to call and tell me the game plan.

But as for me? I am soo enjoying the time change. I love it dark in the morning and staying light longer in the evenings. Maybe I"ll have time to work in the yard some. I thought by now I'd have had some flowers planted or at least some shrubs. I may have to dig up some bulbs that were in a flower bed. We got rid of the bed, but the bulbs are still down in there. If the grass gets long enough, sometimes you can see the small leaves coming up.

What I do not look forward to is the HOT miserable summer.

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