Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bucket gardening

Have you planted anything yet? What did you plant? How is it doing?

No room? No time? Do what we did!

Here is my original post on bucket gardening. Check out the end of this post to see pictures one month apart.
My plants are doing better than I expected. Have lots of clusters of flowers - which will eventually turn into tomatoes and bell peppers. It's neat to have them close by on the porch so I can see them change day by day. No weeding! I have only had to water them once because the rain has done the rest of the watering.

If things keeping going this well, we'll do bucket gardening every year from now on. That will free up some room in the big garden for potatoes, carrots, corn, and peas.
Can you see the tee-tiny tomatoe starting? I know, the flash kinda blinds you, but that's as good as I could get. I'll try again once it gets bigger.

March 14 - bellpepper

April 15th - bell pepper is all the way to the right. The plant is so long now that it has curled up to reach for the sun and is under the bottom part of the bucket. I try to keep it on the outside of the bucket so it has room to grow.


Jennifer said...

What a neat idea to grow tomatoes and peppers. Hubby has gone this morning to get more natural (cow manure)for the garden and tomato beds. If the rain holds out until tonight he plans on working the tomato beds today and we will probably plant the garden next week. It's been so wet here we haven't been able to get it planted yet.

ldave said...

How is your bucket garden doing now? I also planted bucket gardens this Spring, and mine are doing very well.