Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homemade Lotion

My mom called asking me to look on "The Internet" for a lotion recipe. Every recipe I found was not the one she was looking for - though I think she just forgot what was in her original recipe. Today she let me try hers. Hmm. It looked like it had separated, but wow it works. I read over and over again on the internet that everyone who made the lotion loved it. They all had dry skin. People, if you could SEE my elbows. Yikes. I have tried every lotion under the sun trying to find something not too greasy that will last, AND smell good. I noticed the main ingredient to all the lotion recipes was the vaseline and Jergens. Then you basically chose whatever type of lotions you wanted to add to it. The lotion made the vaseline spreadable by thinning it out. The vaseline helped make a barrier for your dry skin, keeping the moisture in. Hmm.

I stopped at the Dollar Store and picked up the items below. There were many different lotions. In place of the Vitamin E lotion you can use coco butter, baby lotion, shea butter. Just pick whatever lotion YOU like.

I then put them all in a bowl. I used my hand-held mixer to whip it all together. Then I put the new concoction in an empty cottage cheese container - cause I"m frugal like that! I also put some back in the Vitamin E jar so I could keep it in my bathroom to use after getting out of the shower. The bigger tub I'll keep in the living room near my chair for daily use. I couldn't get a good shot of the whipped lotion. The flash would white out the white lotion. I snapped the beater so you could kinda see the finished product. I'll run the dirty stuff through the dishwasher to make sure everything gets cleaned really well.

How does it work? Great! Now.. just to remember to use it daily! Let me know if you make some of your own and how you like it.


Kelly said...

The phone man's aunt makes this. It is wonderful! I love to use it right before bed.

Melanie said...

interesting! Might have to try that. I put lotion and socks on my feet right out of the shower to keep them soft. This looks like it would work great.

Jennifer said...

Oh I gotta try this. I have extreamly dry skin, especially on my feet. Thanks for sharing!