Monday, April 13, 2009

Lotion review

I haved used the lotion all weekend. I am sold! I think I'll be making my own from here on out. This is the first lotion that I can apply twice a day on my elbows - morning and night - and it take care of the problem. I have extremely dry elbows. EXTREMELY. This stuff took care of that after 2 applications.

The older I get the drier my skin seems to get. I slather myself up after the shower at night and the next morning my skin is soo soft. I also started applying it to my face at night. Now to concentrate on my cuticles.

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Sheri said...

hmm Mom has some left over fragrance stuff from when we used to make bath bombs n stuff- I wonder if you could add that to it and make it smell like bath n body type stuff??