Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paper day

Wednesday's are what I call paper day. It's the day I pay bills, file things, toss papers, sort papers. Anything dealing with paper gets done on Wednesdays. When I say toss, I mean to toss in recycling bin.

Paper can take over quickly. Here are some things that I try and do. I'm only human, but I give it my best shot.

Open mail at desk and make two piles - keep and toss. Toss the extra papers that comes with bills, like the return envelopes and all those extra sheets in there. And toss the junk mail. File the important things for Paper Day on Wednesday.

Every Wednesday make a pass thru the house and toss the old newspapers, ads, magazines, scrap papers, and receipts not needed. If you are like me, those stray papers that have now formed piles here and there. Sort and toss. File/put away the important stuff.

Sort thru the papers on the desk. Write the important things in my desk notebook or calendar and toss the rest.

Check over the calendar for upcoming things. Start making list of things needed - presents for showers/parties, special foods, etc.

Check grocery ads on line and match to coupons. Start making grocery list with coupons. I start now so I can use the coupons in my binder. On Sunday new coupons come out. I check the ads online again and go thru the new coupons. It's easier to set them aside before I file them in the binder.

Pay bills! If you get in the habit of paying your bills on the same day each week there is less chance you will miss them.

Best book I read about dealing with paper is Taming the Paper Tiger. Check out your local library for a copy.

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