Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday - reconnecting

It was Monday. And then I blinked. Now it's Saturday. Yikes.

Last week was really hard. Rich was gone most of the week and all the kidlet running was left up to me. And it's a lot of running.

My brother's family came in from Georgia. He had to stay behind for work. But it's been a blast to have my niece and nephews here! I was also off this weekend. That's been EXTRA helpful.

The "girls" came here on Friday. The boys came to visit for a few hours, but Daniel had to be to work early on Saturday so they didn't stay late.

Today we all met at my moms. MMM. Food, family and laughter. The "kids" are all older now and it's nice to sit around and hang out with them. To TALK to them.

Now the boys are here for the night and I'm about to bring the girls back to mom's house. I gave mom a little rest.

Tomorrow I'll post the recipes for the dips I made. The kids loved them and gave them both thumbs up. I'll try to snap some photos too. I know I like being able to SEE things.

I'm sitting at the computer and the boys are playing video games.. it's really nice to see cousins connecting. Warms my heart. How I miss my brother and his family living so far away.

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