Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stain Out

Have you ever heard of Stain Out? It's a grit cloth; like really stiff screen with some grit to it like sandpaper. I bought it at the grocery store near the mops and brooms. We have a lot of iron in our water. A LOT. Scale builds up quickly. Even though I do my Flylady Morning Routine of swish & swipe, that darn scale eventually starts creeping in. My toilet had lines where the water ran down into the bowl and the ring around the water line was getting darker and dark. Yuck. Then the scale starting attacking my bathroom sinks around the drain. Unsightly!
That was until I attacked it with Stain Out! Just a few minutes of light rubbing and all the scale was gone. Now the toilet nearly blinds you when you open the lid. It just makes me WANT to do the swish and swipe in the mornings. I know that scale will eventually return. But I'll be armed and ready.

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