Friday, May 29, 2009

Ahh, bologna!

And bologna it is! I hit a great sale on bologna once and wondered how I could stock up and keep it from going bag before we had a chance to eat it. We go through phases around here. We will eat bologna every day for 2 weeks and then hit a dry spell.

Think, Pooh, think. How can you save bologna?

In the freezer, that's how. And it works, really. You can do the same with hotdogs. My upright freezer in the laundry room.. the door is filled with hotdog and bologna. Seriously. I buy at least 6 packs when it goes on sale - according to my pricebook. Sometimes we eat them regularly, sometimes not. This way, we rarely run out.

To defrost, I put a pack of bologna or hotdogs in the fridge and ... that's it. I usually forget I did this and remember a few days later when I see the pack. By this time it's thawed and ready to be eaten. You cannot tell the difference either.

So stock up on that bologna and hotdogs. Dogs on the grill and fresh tomatoes on a bologna sandwich. Bring on Summer.


Jennifer said...

Yep! I free both also. I also buy up lunch meat when it goes on sale, you can freeze that too, and cream cheese, and shredded cheese, dinner rolls, bread, milk.... the list goes on. I put my uncooked rice and pasta in the freezer too to keep the bugs out, also flour and meal. I LOVE saving money this way.

Melanie said...

I do this too! I stock up on any meat on sale so that we always have it.

Oh and I wanted to say THANKS for the supporting comment regarding the job/lunch situation!! Clint actually got an apology after all of that ~ shocking!

Heather said...

I freeze that kind of stuff too, and also margarine, and even holiday- clearanced candy. I buy chocolate bunnies, Hershey's kisses, Valentine candy, etc. when it's 75% off, and put it in Ziploc bags. It's still nice and fresh when the holidays roll around again, and I don't ever have to pay full price.