Monday, May 25, 2009

Farmer's market

The local farmer's market in our town is held every Saturday morning from 7 - 12. Local farmers are out there with their goods that are in season. There are also people selling plants, homemade goodies, and woodwork.

We popped over on Saturday and scored 2 huge tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, a sweet potatoe pie, 2 dwarf gardenia bushes and a cantelope. MMMMM It was all soo yummy. WAS? Yes, was. We love fresh veggies and it was gobbled up over the weekend. Nothing better than fresh tomatoe slices with a sprinkling of black pepper and salt to go with fresh cucumber slices with the same and a sprinkling of vinegar.

We planted the gardenias along the front of the house. They are soo fragrant. I noticed it also has many buds still waiting to bloom.

I am still waiting on my tomatoes and noticed more coming out. I have some bell pepper that will be ready soon too. I love reaping the rewards of gardening.

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