Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Full circle

You are taken care of when you are young. Then you care for yourself. Sometimes, you need others to care for you when you are older. It's a circle.

My mom is a wonderful nurse. Not so much a good patient. She loves doting on people. Rarely does she rest or just relax. Which is what probably landed her in the hospital - too many irons in the fire.

My grandmother is being released today. My sister works at the hospital my mom and grandmother are in, so she will bring my grandmother to my house this afternoon when she gets off work. My grandmother will stay with us until .. well.. until need be. I'm so glad I have my big house now!! She is doing wonderful and you'd never know she had surgery.

My mom? She's finally starting to come around after steroids, Mucinex, breathing treatments, Tylenol, and IV fluids. She may be able to go home on Friday. Maybe. Even then, she will be so weak that there is no way she can tend to my grandmother. I keep telling them she is no bother and she is more than welcome to stay at our house. I am off on Friday, so I can spend the day chatting and maybe catching up on my sleep!

My list has been made for my To-Do's. I'm making progress. I may have to start grocery shopping and menu for every 2 weeks. I cannot seem to get to the grocery store every weekend.

Time to do more laundry. Keep us in your prayers.


The Semi-single Mom said...

So glad yall are getting everyone out of the hospital. Your grandmother sounds like mine. She's 83 & still pushmows her yard & gardens. Hopefully you'll have 5 min to relax

Kelly said...

Praying for you everyday. So glad your Grandmther is being released and your Mom is on the road to recovery.

Heather said...

I'm still praying here. Anxious to hear any updates you might have.