Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh no, we are out!

This morning was Breakfast Sunday - the rare occasion that we are all home (and probably the kids have company). Richard loves to cook. He loves to cook breakfast, and his scrambled eggs are THE best. Cooked with LOVE, as he calls it.

This morning we decided to cook up some grub. Who could resist eggs from your own chickens, breakfast sausage, bacon, milk, and OJ? My kids like syrup on their sausage.

Great. No syrup. Then I remembered:


I learned long ago that Ms. Maggi will not disappointment me. I usually check the hillbilly site first. I started making syrup years ago. To be honest, I didn't tell the kids at first. They never noticed. Well, really they did. They thought it was BETTER than store-bought syrup. And thus, the love of making it ourselves was born. Sometimes I do pick up a jug of sugar-free syrup for the occasions daughter wants Atkins pancakes. It kinda kills the point of eating low carb if all you have is sugary syrup.

I got the syrup cooking while hubby was busy with the bacon and sausage. I ladled the syrup from the pot only because it was still too warm to pour into the awaiting empty ketchup bottle (see, recycling!) It was still kinda thin, but they gobbled it up.

Once, I had a friend look at me with a twisted face wanting to know why on earth we would make syrup when you can buy it in the store for pennies? Pennies? Really? Guess I am shopping at the wrong places.

I'll share with you why I love making syrup:

1. It's neat to be able to make it. Face it, how many people do you know who make their own syrup? Or make anything from scratch for that matter? It's neat to have that knowledge.

2. No running to the store in the middle of cooking to get the much desired syrup.

3. I can control the sugar!!!

4. I like being frugal.

The best reason? What makes my heart all warm and a smile sweep across my face??

When my son comes to me and says, "Mom? When can we have those GOOD pancakes (meaning from scratch) and use your syrup? That would be an awesome supper. Your syrup is reeeeally good."

I rest my case.

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