Tuesday, May 12, 2009

whirlwind of a week!

Thanks, Heather. I have been praying for you too :)

Let's see. My 88-year-old grandmother has been with us since Wednesday after being released from the hospital. She is weak, as to be expected. A nurse comes two times a week to check her vitals and well being. She will also start checking her incision after the bandage comes off today. This gives me a huge relief. I'm afraid we will overlook something really important.

The nurse showed up for the first visit and I knew her from many, many years ago at my very first job! I'm STILL in the medical field after all those years.

My grandmother was afraid she was going to be a bother to us; disrupt our household. Hardly! The kids have enjoyed having her here. How many kids can say they remember their great grandmother? Yes, her care takes up a huge amount of my time. BUT, the kids are self-sufficient and my husband is not in the least worried he is missing out on my attention. He fully understands my need to be there. My grandmother is 88 years old. She is sharp as a tack. She will not be here forever. I am blessed to have this chance to see about her.

Each day, I see an improvement. She sees it as slow going. Everyone reminds her it will be slow going. She had a major surgery and it's to be expected.

We've formed a pretty good routine with meals, medications, seeing about her drainage tubes, getting dressed, exercising, napping, lunch, medications, chatting, exercising, napping, reading, chatting more, supper, cleanup/change, exercising, watching tv and then bedtime.

My sister calls nightly to see how "the baby" is doing. When my sister brought her to my house she seemed to be hanging around an awful long time. Then she spoke up saying it was like leaving her baby at a new sitter. While she knew I could handle taking care of our grandmother, she was still worried.

I now know what she means. The original plan was for my grandmother to return to my mom's house on Sunday afternoon. Too much going on. Then it was supposed to be Monday afternoon. Nah. Let her stay another day. My mom has an appointment this morning with her doctor for a followup. It's just too much hassle of moving my grandmother there and then turn around and worry about her being alone while my mom races to the doctor and then races home again. My grandmother has an appointment today at 2. My mom will pick her up then and take her to the doctor. Afterwards, they will go back to my moms. This way, my mom can rest this morning and after her appointment and the doctor can give her the okay that is getting better and can be around my grandmother. My mom landed herself in the hospital the same day as my grandmother's surgery. She had pneumonia and severe sinus infection. She has been very slow to recover too. They both have followup appointments today.

The bags are packed, her clothes are all washed, her paperwork is in order. We stayed in our night clothes today until it's time to get her dressed for her appointment. She was too worried of dirtying some extra clothes and making my mom wash them! She knows my mom is still recooping and wants to do everything to help. Last night we all bathed and got in gowns early so I would have time to wash and dry her clothes. She's silly.

Now she is down for her morning nap and I"m trying to catch up on email and blogs.

I'm sure it will break my heart when I see my mom drive off with my grandmother.

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