Thursday, June 04, 2009

Homemade - yogurt and kefir

I just got some homemade yogurt started in the crockpot. Hopefully all goes well. The first time I made yogurt it came out soo good. Since then.. ehh.. it's okay. I'm sure I had beginners luck. I have tried making yogurt at night, but I had to stay up so late because I started it so late. Last night while contemplating staying up late, it dawned on me - hello? Make it during the day, first thing in the morning.

I also tried my hand at making homemade kefir. I used some store-bought kefir and added it to some whole milk and let it sit on the counter. It seemed to firm up more after I put it in the icebox (fridge for those of you not in Louisiana). It tastes very much like the one from the store, but I"m afraid to drink it LOL I know yogurt and buttermilk and even kefir can be made from a "starter". My store-bought kefir says live on it. I want to get some freeze-dried kefir from the health food store and compare it to that. Even from the freeze-dried starter I can make a few batches using a starter from the previous batch.

I really like homemade yogurt. It's soo much better than the ones in the store. Summer is here and the kids will be wanting to make shakes and have snacks. This should help some with the cost. Most importantly - it tastes soo much better.

I also plan to make some cream cheese from the yogurt. We use a lot of cream cheese around here. I'm curious as to how the homemade one compares to the cream cheese in the store.

Now, to do some research on the whey that will separate from the yogurt to make the cream cheese.


Jennifer said...

OK, now I need some recipes. Please!!!

C said...

hello - does it really work making kefir without using kefir grains? can you send me the recipe? thanks

Rick said...

I'm trying the same thing with the kefir. How did yours turn out?

Rick said...

I'm trying the same did your Kefir turn out?

Coby said...

Hi! I started making kefir years ago. I've never commented on a blog before, but just came across this post when looking for something else. It's definitely worth hitting up somebody who has real kefir grains (check out this website to get some for free: Enjoy!