Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ipod, it's magically working again.

My oldest got an Ipod for Christmas one year. She loved it and loaded it with songs. Then she discovered transmittors to play the Ipod thru the car speakers. There she was zipping along to her favorites with no commercials. 100% sweet jamming!

That came to screeching halt when the Ipod suddenly stopped working. Thankfully, I bought the 3-yr service plan. She finally called for them to send her paperwork to ship it off. She was so hoping for a new Ipod with more memory if they could not fix hers.

She has yet to ship it off. Last night we were "geeking" (sitting in the recliners with our laptops while online and listening to music) And yes, she would send me the occasional message via internet LOL Shes so commical! She wanted her Ipod since she has her own laptop and was fussing herself for not sending it off yet. She wanted to try and plug it in to see if it worked.

HELLO! Ipod working! She was so happy. This morning she texted on her way to work that she was jamming and it was working. I'm thinking she left it in the car and it got too hot.. or it was totally drained. Either way, it's working now and she is so happy.

My computer at home is used for work. Works' software conflicts with Itunes. Therefore, no Itunes for us. GRRR. I was so happy to hear soon I would get a computer from work and my computer would be mine again! Whoohoo. Itunes was first on the list. My son now has an Ipod and wanted to put some CDs on his Ipod. He used friends' Itunes and synced his Ipod to them. Smart!

I went to my sister's awhile back and took my Ipod along. She has a very N.I.C.E. one and has been loading it up with music for a good while now. I synced mine with hers. Instant music. We have very similar taste and I have not been disappointed with any song I have heard so far. Oldies, new, pop, rock, Christian - She's got it covered. I'm in business. Now to get the care transmitter. That's next on my list.

Once I got my lap top fixed I was practically running out the door from the store to get home and load itunes. I could now fill that Ipod UP! I have put a few CDs on there. I'm also working on listening to all the current songs and deleting the ones I don't want. 1161 songs! That's enough for 3 days worth of listening. I'm trying to save a little room so i can have a Christmas section!

I love putting the headphones (yes my headphones!) on and dancing around the room. There are just some songs that you cannot sit still while listening to them. Isn't technology wonderful?

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