Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's June and we are melting

Good grief. It's JUNE, people, and we are reaching 98+ degrees!!! It's JUNE. We still have July, August and September to go. Even October is hot for us. I dunno what we are gonna do. Swimming pools feel like bathtubs. The hurricanes stripped lots of trees of the upper branches and simply uprooted others. Those trees sure helped keep the ground a bit cooler. It's bad when you wake up at 7am and it's already in the 80s.

And there is my husband, working out in the heat all day. :( What a wonderful man to do all her does to provide for his family. We are blessed.

With all this heat, I tend to keep the shades closed and the curtains drawn; no reason to heat up the house anymore than it needs to be, right? The heat puts a damper on cooking. I want cool meals to cook. I'd eat pasta salads and egg salad and chicken salad.. and salads.. but sometimes you just want some FOOD. Naturally, I want all the foods that require long cooking time.. and oven cooking. Not gonna happen. When summer hits, I try to use the crockpot more and the roaster instead of the oven. Crockpots are not just for soups and stews! They cook all kinds of scrumptious things. Check out She gives reviews of the foods she cooks AND has pictures. I love pictures on a blog. :)

I am off this weekend. The kids wanted to go shopping. I knew a day of shopping was going to leave us very hungry. Hmm... I know! Baked potatoes in the crockpot! I started them before we left - sprinkled with salt and garlic powder, wrapped in foil. I checked them when we got home and moved the knob to low. We stopped at the store on the way home for potatoe fixings. I must remember to do this more often. I have also been so hungry for potatoe soup.

The kids hit good sales at Old Navy and Rue 21. Then we popped over to the library so they could get on the computers. Yes, i know i have a computer at home but it's my work computer, and everytime the kids got online they picked up a virus. MYspace is horrible for viruses. So, I take them to the library for their computer time. It has worked great so far. Once a week of an hour computer time... and they can check out books and videos, cds and even books on players ... works for us. No more squabbles about the computer or worries about viruses messing up my computer. :)

Richard found the radio tuner for my ipod in the truck! Yeah! Now can jam to the songs WE like. No more commercials or music i don't approve.

Time to stretch out and watch some tv until supper. It's been a great day.


Kelly said...

We hit 101 degrees yesterday. It is miserably hot and humid. We got a little rain last night, but our yard is almost dead...not to mention all my flowers. We haven't been eating much except sandwiches and cool stuff. It is too hot to cook, and no one wants to eat when it is this hot either.

Jennifer said...

It's HOT here too!! Way to hot. Just praying for a little rain.