Friday, July 17, 2009

a day of running

Daniel has a form of epilepsy called partial complex seizures. He takes medication daily. As he grows (and he's 6feet+), he needs more medication - it's based on his height and weight. He had a breakthru seizure the other day. That means a call to the doctor to get meds adjusted. Doc says he needs bloodwork done to see the levels in his system. Yup, need to get orders for that. Rich goes to get them and the office is closed. HELLO? Why didn't you say you were closing early today when I askedto pick them up? ARGH.

the plan this morning was to get the orders, get the blood work done, hit a few stores, eat lunch at our fav chinese place.. and then come home to lounge. I had the day off. :)

Just as we were about to leave, Daniel's toe started bleeding. Flashbacks to the day after surgery. Pressure.. elevation.. it's good, but it set us back. Off and running after that.

After lunch we were so tired. It's nice to lounge.

Now, Richard is on his way to the doctor for a physical. He hasn't been feeling good lately and there is rare. I'm sure he will need blood work too. I offered to go with him, but he said he could go by himself because he knew how tired I was.

My neice goes back tomorrow to Georgia...i'm taking her and my girls to meet my sister at our "drop off point" in the morning. My sister will take the neice to Baton Rouge to a friend of their family. Neice will go to the friend's house and her mom will pick her up a day later. Great way to save gas! :0) We will sure miss her when she's gone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just knowing how is the neat part

I have been super busy with work, kids, my neice is here, and with Daniel's surgery and appointments afterwards. Life is good.

I have been wanting to make homemade mayo. You know, egg yolks, oil, salt, mustard and the food processor.

It worked!

At first I thought I was gonna end up with a watery mess of yolks and oil... but it came together just fine. I have it in a cool whip bowl in the icebox (fridge) - see, we recycle around here. I plan on marking tuna salad or chicken salad in the next day or so, and the homemade mayo will be perfect it in! I'll see if the family notices any difference.

My mind is racing of all the varieties to make! It's not something I plan on making as a staple in our house. But it is nice to know I can whip some up for meals such as chicken or tuna salad or deviled eggs and we won't use up all my Miracle Whip - that stuff is not cheap.

Most folks think it's strange to make your own stuff from scratch. I don't. Knowing how to do and being able to do it if the need arises is really neat. Kinda, empowering, if I may be so bold.

Once the weather cools off.. I'd like to make a cake from scratch. We like doing taste tests around here. We did brownies before, and my kids like the packaged brownies better. We make homemade cool whip in a pinch for a dollop on our Jello. We like homemade pizza better than frozen stuff.

Time to go stir in my homemade taco seasoning into the ground meat. Rich took the girls swimming to a spring-fed lake. They've been gone all day, and I'm sure they will be STARVING when they get home.

Life is good!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1-wk postop

We had an appt on Thursday. Everything seems to be healing okay. Looks painful. He said it's just that his toes don't wanna bend LOL

Soaking them 2 times a day... peroxide, air dry, band-aids.

Next appt in 2 wks. We are seeing improvement tho :)

Work is keeping me super busy. My neice is here ,and we are enjoying her company.

I'm off this weekend, so hopefully we can do something fun!

Friday, July 03, 2009

nurse Rachel

Ugh, I don't like it when my kids are sick or hurt. Daniel took the bandages off his toes tonight and was to soak them. One toe bled a little. Then stopped.. then it started again hours later and would not stop. We soaked them and it kept on bleeding. I called the ER and they said apply pressure for 15 mins, hard pressure, and elevate foot. It will stop.

Get the gauze and the timer. Prep baby boy (who is now 17) of what I MUST do. Begin to cry. Start timer and apply pressure. By this time I"m sobbing. He said it didn't hurt. 15 mins is an eternity. Take off pressure. Bleeding again. 2 more rounds. Each time it hurts a bit more.

Finally it stopped. I don't think i'm gonna get much sleep tonight. He's fine.. I'm a wreck.

Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Yes, Susan, it is very stressful. I tend to clam up and get very anxious. Everything seems very ... uptight?

And my baby boy??? Ain't nothing like a mamma and her boy! Girls have their dads wrapped.. but boy have their moms' hearts!

He napped, ate, popped another pain pill. He's happily sitting with ice packs on his toes while sitting in the recliner and playing his video game LOL

Kill the roots, the nail shouldn't grow back.. so you have just toughened skin on the top of your toe... My neighbor's sister had it done yrs ago and she paints her skin LOLOL

update on surgery

Daniel did fine. Everything went quick.

After we got him settled at home, I ran to pick up his pain meds. When I got home, the icebag had slid to the side and the tie was across his toe and the icebag was suspended from that tie!!!!!! His bandage was soaked.

A quick trip to the doctor's office and they rewrapped both toes. :) Back home and refilled the bags, tied them differently, and tucked him in bed. He had taken a pain pill before heading out to the doctor.

I'm exhausted!

Say a little prayer

Please say a little prayer for my son, Daniel. He is having surgery this morning. He has been battling ingrown toenails, and today he will have them removed and they will kill the roots so the nail never grows back. He'll never have to worry about them again!

I'll let you know how things went as soon as I can!