Friday, July 17, 2009

a day of running

Daniel has a form of epilepsy called partial complex seizures. He takes medication daily. As he grows (and he's 6feet+), he needs more medication - it's based on his height and weight. He had a breakthru seizure the other day. That means a call to the doctor to get meds adjusted. Doc says he needs bloodwork done to see the levels in his system. Yup, need to get orders for that. Rich goes to get them and the office is closed. HELLO? Why didn't you say you were closing early today when I askedto pick them up? ARGH.

the plan this morning was to get the orders, get the blood work done, hit a few stores, eat lunch at our fav chinese place.. and then come home to lounge. I had the day off. :)

Just as we were about to leave, Daniel's toe started bleeding. Flashbacks to the day after surgery. Pressure.. elevation.. it's good, but it set us back. Off and running after that.

After lunch we were so tired. It's nice to lounge.

Now, Richard is on his way to the doctor for a physical. He hasn't been feeling good lately and there is rare. I'm sure he will need blood work too. I offered to go with him, but he said he could go by himself because he knew how tired I was.

My neice goes back tomorrow to Georgia...i'm taking her and my girls to meet my sister at our "drop off point" in the morning. My sister will take the neice to Baton Rouge to a friend of their family. Neice will go to the friend's house and her mom will pick her up a day later. Great way to save gas! :0) We will sure miss her when she's gone.

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Heather said...

I didn't know Daniel had epilepsy! I hope the doctor gets his medication all straightened out. Seizures must be so scary (especially for you, being his Mom and all)! Also, I hope Richard starts feeling better. My husband hasn't been feeling well either, and it worries me because he's usually healthy as a horse. He's so stubborn though, I can't get him to go to the doctor. Men.