Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just knowing how is the neat part

I have been super busy with work, kids, my neice is here, and with Daniel's surgery and appointments afterwards. Life is good.

I have been wanting to make homemade mayo. You know, egg yolks, oil, salt, mustard and the food processor.

It worked!

At first I thought I was gonna end up with a watery mess of yolks and oil... but it came together just fine. I have it in a cool whip bowl in the icebox (fridge) - see, we recycle around here. I plan on marking tuna salad or chicken salad in the next day or so, and the homemade mayo will be perfect it in! I'll see if the family notices any difference.

My mind is racing of all the varieties to make! It's not something I plan on making as a staple in our house. But it is nice to know I can whip some up for meals such as chicken or tuna salad or deviled eggs and we won't use up all my Miracle Whip - that stuff is not cheap.

Most folks think it's strange to make your own stuff from scratch. I don't. Knowing how to do and being able to do it if the need arises is really neat. Kinda, empowering, if I may be so bold.

Once the weather cools off.. I'd like to make a cake from scratch. We like doing taste tests around here. We did brownies before, and my kids like the packaged brownies better. We make homemade cool whip in a pinch for a dollop on our Jello. We like homemade pizza better than frozen stuff.

Time to go stir in my homemade taco seasoning into the ground meat. Rich took the girls swimming to a spring-fed lake. They've been gone all day, and I'm sure they will be STARVING when they get home.

Life is good!!!

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The Semi-single Mom said...

Thats so cool. I won't do it though cause I am a Miracle Whip fan. I tried scratch brownies & I like packaged better. I think if I use a coupon or find it on sale it can't be to much of a difference in price. I also make homemade whip cream which I love. Secret is putting your bowl & beaters in the freezer at least 1 hour prior. If you have a metal bowl all the better.