Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Yes, Susan, it is very stressful. I tend to clam up and get very anxious. Everything seems very ... uptight?

And my baby boy??? Ain't nothing like a mamma and her boy! Girls have their dads wrapped.. but boy have their moms' hearts!

He napped, ate, popped another pain pill. He's happily sitting with ice packs on his toes while sitting in the recliner and playing his video game LOL

Kill the roots, the nail shouldn't grow back.. so you have just toughened skin on the top of your toe... My neighbor's sister had it done yrs ago and she paints her skin LOLOL


Saved Sinner said...

Paints her skin - that made me laugh!

Kelly said...

Glad he is doing okay. My friend had her toenail removed and paints the skin.