Tuesday, August 18, 2009

getting into a pattern

I'm trying to get into a pattern with the new job and now that the kids are in school. hopefully by next week i'll have things ironed out and can spend some time updating! It's been a whirlwind around here. But i know as soon as I sit down to post about it, my mind will go blank and it will either be too much to write or I won't be able to remember.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, August 10, 2009

flopping around like a fish out of water

I am still here. Things have been very hectic. End of one job, start of another. Parents left for vacation. Grandmother in Assisted Living Facility. She fell and they brought her to the ER - which meant a very long night and next day for me! Every day I spend time visiting her and seeing about things. Round and round with the Director who claims NOBODY piI'mcked up my grandmother and put her back in the bed. okay! Somebody did. that somebody is too afraid they will get fired for not documenting it, so they are doing the he said/she said thing. GRRR Mom comes back Friday, we'll have a meeting with them after that.

Getting the kids ready for school - the count down is on!!

I am relaxing now. Spoke to soon. The clothes are ready to go in the dryer.

A man works from sun up til sun down.
A woman's work is never done.