Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stopping by...

Work has been stressful to say the least. I'm giving it my best shot. We will see. It's tough. I won't lie.

I spent the weekend relaxing at home. It rained most of the time and days like that I love to be in the kitchen. I whipped up some coffee mixes. YUM! It's like having Starbucks IN my house. MMMM

I also mixed up some more detergent. This time I used Castile bar soap. So far so good. I did the math and it equals to .09 a load. The cheapest I can find detergent is .14, and that's usually with a coupon. Next time I'm making a double or triple batch. The hardest thing is pushing the bar of soap thru the processor lol. Since I'll have everything out, it just makes sense to make a few batches at once.

I am not the only one who lives to be in the kitchen when it rains. Richard cooked chicken and sausage gumbo Saturday afternoon. I made the potatoe salad. MMM Good eating.

Today, he bought me a deep fryer and we had homemade fries, salad and wings! I have been so hungry for wings. They were so good and eating them at home was so much better than trying to get everyone dressed and happy and to the place, which is usually so loud with the tvs and music. I think we will be very happy with the fryer. Next up is shrimp! I have been wanting to cook them but Rich's frying stuff has been at his uncles. They fry fish for clients and keep it all at the shop. We don't each much fried stuff, but sometimes it is a nice treat.

Time to go put the food up and run the dishwasher... hopefully work will go better this week.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

it's the weekend

I am still around, just trying to get a schedule going. New job means revamping of all things and getting a new flow going.

The weekend is here and what are we doing? We are at the library so the kids can get some computer time and mom can get some coupon time. i love coming here to clip my coupons, file them and make my grocery list. I don't let the kids use the computer at home anymore because of arguing about who gets to use it, time spent online, where they are going, and viruses! Egads, the viruses. Even with a good virus program they were still picking them up. now, i let the library worry about that. plus, it really limits their time spent online, which is a good thing. It really helps with the attitudes. They actually cleaned the kitchen this morning without complaint because they knew as soon as it was done we would leave for the library. magic! I love it.

I have recently switched jobs and it's in that love-it-hate-it stage. some days i am loving it.. and others.. not so much. i'm trying to be patient.. trying to leave it in God's hands. So, if you are wondering why my typing is so horrific.. i am just so use to the software making caps, etc, that it's now a habit and i cannot get out of it lol I do love working from home, and i do loving transcribing.. i just wish the transition was easier. i'm not good with change, so this is really hard for me.

I can say that having weekends off is the best thing about the job. I get so much done, i am more at ease, i am happier and i just enjoy my family and life again. Now.. to work on the other stuff.

i did manage to meal plan, shop and cook the meals planned this past week. It was great to do this. So much stress was lifted. I even put 2 meals in the freezer for quick meals when I'm too busy or tired to cook. I am waiting for cooler weather so my sister and i can get together and do some more freezer meals. We love doing that! Makes life so much easier. We recently ran out of deer sausage... store-bought is okay.. but i am spoiled :)

Time to go look for a good book. Take care everyone!