Sunday, November 08, 2009

another day in the life....

Time just seems to fly when you are busy and we are super busy these days. Work has picked up for me and for Richard. When he isn't here, that means all the daily duties fall on me. Hauling kids, overseeing things, gathering things, fixing things, cleaning things. Yikes!

The kids are busy with school. Daniel graduates this year. I just ordered his grad stuff. For Pete's sake! 12 dollars for shipping and handling? for a cap and gown?? AND 80.00 for said cap and gown?? it's flimsy nylon and will never be worn again. 17.00+ for taxes... and lets get to the invitations... cmon people! He didn't want a ring.. so I shouldn't complain, but still. Portriats, senior fees...graduation.. it adds up quickly. Good thing I'm frugal and can put some money aside for things like this.

Sarah is doing great at her school. I'm so happy I made the decision to move her and have never regretted it. :) She's was asked to homecoming by a senior! I know, i know.. but it's a very small school.. so every knows everyone. We got her dress at a STEAL. Yesterday, we bought the jewelry. My frugal daughter suggested she wear her sisters black flats and saved me some $ . She also found her date's tie ON SALE and I think even HE was impressed with her savvy shopping skills.

Jessica is working and busy with friends on the weekends. I love watching her grow, mature and enjoy life. Such a smart, beautiful, young adult. :)

I have been enjoying weedends OFF. This Saturday we went G'ing (garaging saling). 5 crazy women on a mission to find good stuff.

I was able to get:
1 nightshirt from Nordstrom
1 tie dye nightshirt (jokes between us 5 friends)
1 very nice gown
1 heart print tote bag - i have a slight "thing" for totes
1 wall hanging decorative thingie.. fruit-themed for my kitchen
1 pair of flip flops... they are made of hard rubber-like material. maybe generic cros? I'll have to ask the kids. They know those kinds of things.
1 eyelash curler

2 Aladdin kids 8 oz travel mug. Perfect for sarah and I to have our hot cocoa/coffee/tea/water on the drive to school in the mornings or while zipping around town. Love those things and the 8 oz size is perfect for me.

1 pr of Christmas socks - sarah loves socks and fuzzy socks even more.

1 pill dispenser with the 7 days' compartments. I have been searching for this for weeks at the grocery store and never could find them. I take vits and meds every day. Since Prilosec is now over-the-counter, it comes in foil packets that are so hard to open. Now, I can pop the lid and be done! For a week.. I know.. kinda silly, but it's the small things that make me happy :) Paying 5 cents is even better.

Not a big haul.. but stuff we needed and will enjoy.

Time to get another load in the washer... and find and make speadable butter! post.

1 coin purse - given to Jessica

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Happy Hermit ( said...

what a great daughter !! Frugal to begin with . You are blessed.