Thursday, November 26, 2009

Homecoming 2009 - done frugally!

Sarah attended homecoming this year. She's in the 9th grade. They grow way too fast. We hit the mall right after she was asked to find the perfect dress. We found it at Dillards. I know! DILLARDS! Her date shopped with us, so he get coordinated. I was so proud when she told me she found his tie for 34.00 at Penny's and refused to let him buy it until after they checked around. They hopped over to Kohls and found the same name-brand tie for 15.00. He already had the pants and shirt.

My sister popped over to snap some photos. She has an awesome camera, loves to take pictures and it really good at it!

We found the perfect accessories. Not too gawdy, and her older sister has already claimed them to wear for her Cmas party at work so they must be cute.

Her older sister did her hair.... cause you know.. it's means so much more.

Here is our baby girl .....

All smiles!

Dress at Dillards was first marked down to 80.00, then 23.00, and then I got an additional 30% off... so I paid 16.83 for her dress!!!! I got the accessories buy one get one free for 20.00. Her sister did her hair 0.00. She borrowed her sister's shoes 0.00. His boutonniere was 8.00. Total = 44.83.

She did draw the line at using a coupon for the dinner HAHA. He paid for that... so maybe I should have asked him directly.

They had a wonderful time.

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The Semi-single Mom said...

Love Dillards....have found baby Christmas dress last year there for $3. Couple of years ago found leather like coat for my oldest who was 4 for $1...yes one dollar. Definately love their clearances. BTW...when I got married I found my bridesmaids dresses at Dillards...after they were on sale. I only had 2 attendants. So the dresses were only $40 each. One had a tiny stain at the bottom so they took off 10%. And my sis in law let her 3 sisters each use it for different dances. LOVE it.