Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am a mean mother.

I love butter. REAL. BUTTER. My kids, well, they want the spreadable kind. Let's face it, real butter is hard. yummy, but hard.

I love to make things from scratch. I had a friend who asked me once why I liked doing things the "hard way". Needless to say, that girl is not someone I keep in touch with anymore. Hard? It's BETTER. As my husband says, "It is made with love." :)

I have butter and I want to make it spreadable. What to do? Hit the internet of course. Who better than Heather?? It works. It really works. Until it came to the taste testers.

My oldest said it didn't even LOOK like butter. It was pale. It should be YELLOW. She claimed it didn't have much of a taste. It should TASTE buttery. What's a mom to do to feed her kids right?

Bring out the immitation butter extract flavoring and yellow food color! HAHAHAHA

I have to admit.. it really is much more eye pleasing and it does give that hint of buttery flavor. I have refilled the butter container.. let's see if they notice!

Yes.. I am a mean mom who is about to fool her kids, but they will thank me for it later!


Heather said...

My kids are young enough that they don't even know what color butter should be (which, after reading this post, I'm glad about!)

The butter flavoring is a good idea. I'm curious to see if they figure it out. It reminds me of an episode I saw of Roseanne, where she bought one box of name-brand cereal, and kept refilling it over and over with generic. The kids never noticed.

Rachel said...

I did that with Ketchup. For some reason they thought it had to be name brand?? They finally caught me LOL We often do "taste tests" around here to prove to them that sometimes generic IS better. They prefer frozen peas over canned.. the color is brighter and it makes them smile - they said that! LOl

The Semi-single Mom said...

I just put my stick butter in my butter dish & leave it out. Covered but out. It lasts as long as we need it. And I live in SE La too so I know it will work for you.