Saturday, November 14, 2009

Preparing for Tday!

My brother and his family are coming in this year for Tgiving. Today, my sister, mom and myself got together to decide the Tgiving menu. I was glancing thru the grocery ads and noticed a few things on sale to use for Tgiving, and I have coupons :) Great!

Today we celebrated my grandmother's 89th Birthday! Whoohooo! We gave her a snuggie and she loved it hahaha. It's a big joke in our family because my oldest hates them and we keep telling her we are all getting her one. Everyone else loves them.

Are you getting ready for Tgiving too? what's on the menu?

Corn casserole
green beans
rice dressing
cranberry sauce

Seems like I'm missing a few things.... i'm debating on doing the carrot souffle. We shall see!

time to meet some friends !

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Melanie said...

We are invited to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. I am bringing broccoli rice casserole and two apple pies. We'll probably bring something else, but I'm not sure what is on the menu yet!