Monday, November 30, 2009

Tgiving Festivities

My brother and his family came in this past weekend, so we did our Feast on Saturday. I worked Tgiving, which was super slow, so it really worked out great. I sent my husband and the kids for lunch at his aunts. No reason for them to sit home just cause mom is working, right? They had a great time visiting and I was happy they were able to relax and visit with family. They brought me back a yummy plate of food.. who can complain?

Friday was even slower at work. Friday evening my friends and I went to the Casino. I think we played all of 2 hours and were back home! Blah! Not a good night.

Saturday morning I got the sweet potatoe casserole and green beans going. We headed to my sister's and spent the day laughing til we cried, being silly, teasing kids, eating good food and making more memories.

Saturday night the girls borrowed scary movies from the neighbor and I made a platter of grapes, celery, carrots, pea pods, cheese, apple slices, dip, 7 layer dip, crackers and fried cheese. Then we had drinks of every kind...chips, dip, gummy bears, oreos and candy bars! They were begging for bed by 10pm hahahaha

Sunday it was lounging and laundry and ... I cooked our turkey. I think we are gonna turn into turkeys. We like our own leftovers, and I have always cooked a Tgiving dinner every year for us. MMMM.. I'm thinking turkey pot pie is on the menu soon! Or turkey salad sandwhiches. MMM

It was hard going back to work today.. I enjoyed the time off!

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