Monday, January 11, 2010

early to bed... early to rise!

Amazing what you can get done when you get up early, and that happens when you get to bed early! Lazy day yesterday let me stay on top of things in the kitchen department. It never seems to fail, I will cook a wonderful meal and pretty dishes and everything is spendid and then... i flop. I have no energy left to clean up. I put the food up, load up the dishwasher and wipe down everything. But those last few dishes that are not allowed in the dishwasher tend to soak overnight in the sink. Vicious cycle. Yesterday I closed the kitchen early. It was every man for himself when it came to supper. A peeve of mine is hearing "what's for supper? you didn't cook??" when the icebox (fridge) is full of leftovers.

Last night I closed the kitchen early. Brought the dogs in with help from Sarah. Situated things for the morning and scooted off to my nice warm bed. MMMM. My 10pm i was sleepin. I really didn't think i could go to bed by 10, but I did. I woke up around 4.. but rolled over and quickly went back to bed.

At 6, I popped out of bed, took the dogs on a tinkle break and put them back in their kennel. BRRRR I think it was 21 degrees out. I dunno how you northerners do it! Let the cat out and in again and got today's supper going in the crockpot. Cabbage casserole. MMMMMM I had cooked the meat last night. This morning I assembled and started it cooking. I warmed up the truck for 20 mins and then Sarah decided she was too sick to go to school - tummy issues. GRRRR.. I have kitchen cleaned up from this mornings assembly and I even started a fire! Let's hope I can keep it going. It's not gonna be warming up much today.

Time to start my busy Monday!

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The Semi-single Mom said...

it is amazing what we can accomplish. I am usually up by 7 but need to start at 6 really. And not sit around for an hour drinking coffee.