Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A blurr

Today is Wednesday. When did that happen?? Are you sure it's Wednesday?

That's what happens when you nap, lounge, have kids who help with cleaning and clean up, have friends visit, visit friends ( I had to get out of the house), and your mom brings food and dessert every day!

I am so very thankful for my family and friends - I dunno what I would do without them.

The pain pills are mainly at night to help me relax and induce sleep; since I'm not busy during the day it's hard to be tired at night.

My kids say I MUST be feeling better since crumbs on the cabinet, dishes on the bar and papers on the living room floor are bothering me as much as they do. I am glad they are home for spring break, or I am sure I would have gone stir crazy or done waaaay too much too soon.

There are the simple things that make me feel 100 times better: The volunteered foot rubs with such tenderness, the cookies baked, the text messages, surpise background changes on my computer, the sitting with me watch TV so I'm not totally alone, and the asking if I need anything.

Each day gets better and easier, but the naps still feel awesome!

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