Sunday, March 28, 2010

cannot sleep

I explained to the doctor that I am a mother. A mother will get up and do things even when she is not supposed to, say like, after surgery. Knowing this, I asked the doctor for good drugs after surgery. Afterall, I am supposed to be resting and healing. My husband is home and my kids are not babies anymore.

The drugs are good. I just cannot sleep! I was so tired at 8:30, I didn't think I could stay awake until Richard made it to bed to join me. Pills had been taken, supper had been eaten and I was tired. Sweet sleep. I rolled over at midnight. You cannot toss and turn too much when your tummy muscles are so tender. I popped another pain pill and decided maybe I needed the bathroom. After making my way tenderly across the room and using the bathroom I was fully awake. I am tired, I just cannot sleep. I know in an hour I will be ready for bed again... until then, hopefully the TV and internet can keep me company.

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