Sunday, March 14, 2010

A new home for RED

Our neighbor had a rooster and some hens. They divorced and gave the rooster and 2 hens to another neighbor. Ol Red frequently got out and would walk up and down the fence to our pen and taunt the hens and Big Daddy (blog picture). The hens walked the yard. The neighbors stopped coming to catch their animals. We feed them and pick the eggs from the hens.

My youngest child is in the Ag program at her school. It's to teach the kids about agiculture in our area - farming, raising animals, building things. Sarah signed up for Poultry classes. She recently went to a judging contest and we are waiting on the results. She has learned how to grade eggs, parts of a chicken and taking care of chickens. This is great since we have chickens and she's pretty much hands-on with them.

The teacher purchased chicks for the class. I asked if they needed a rooster to raise some more chicks. It's a great learning experience for kids. We have done it for our own kids and it was so exciting to count the days and wait patiently for baby chicks. Peep! peep! They chirp a LOT.
The teacher said Sarah could bring the rooster. Whoohoo! He has a new home at her school and his own lil flock of hens to call his own.

We don't need 2 roosters. They fight for control of the hens and get really aggressive. The neighbors don't want Red. I don't want Red greeting me every morning - including weekends - on the porch outside my window way before I am ready to wake up.

Enjoy the new place Red! We'll miss you, but not your crowing!!

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