Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have my list and coupons ready. There are some really great deals this week and I'm hoping to cash in on some good savings. Hopefully I can get it done early!


The Semi-single Mom said...

Got mine too....just waiting for tomorrows paper. yall have a Fred's close by? The double coupons up to 70cents on Saturdays. Not great for food here but they have great prices on paper goods. Thought I'd mention it if you had one. Nobody here but them doubles coupons anymore.

Rachel said...

not close to me, but we have one. Our kroger doubles and triples. I usually stick to just kroger, but this week albertson's had a killer deal!

The Semi-single Mom said...

Ah...we don't have a Kroger period & nobody doubles or tripples out here. :(