Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today is Palm Sunday. My mom brought me home some palms that she twisted into a cross. Many wonderful memories this week, first starting with the palms twisted into crosses.

Friday is Good Friday. We gather at my mom's house with our boiled eggs. We dye the eggs with a tradition too. First, we make an egg for each person. We use colors to color or write on the eggs. The kids usually do something that reminds them of that person. We write their name on the egg and that's their egg for pocking. Then we move to making designs on eggs. The colored part does not dye, but by matching crayons with dyes you can get some pretty eggs. Everything from flowers to polka dots and eggs to look like critters.

While some are dying eggs, others are preparing the food. Fried fish, homemade fries, onion rings and then we usually make deviled eggs with the eggs that were broken during dying.

My grandmother brings a special tradition for Good Friday. Nobody is allowed to dig in the ground. Nobody is allowed to hammer a nail. When she was small they usually fasted until lunch. At lunch they had boiled beets, boiled eggs and boiled potatoes sliced on a platter. YUMMY! I love family traditions.

This is such a special time for use to get together and do something fun and creative. This also frees up our Sunday to do our own thing with our family.

I'm so looking forward to Friday. My grandmother is 89 yrs young.. each gathering is so much more special with her there to tell us stories from the past and their traditions.

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