Wednesday, March 03, 2010

trying to stay organized - meal planning

Meal planning is a must for my sanity. There were many years I went from freezer to cabinet scratching my head trying to create something for supper. Naturally, I was always out of that ONE thing I needed to complete a meal. After 3 kids, I realized I needed to get better organized when it came to meals. Dragging 3 tired kids to the store for 1 or 2 items was not fun. It also meant supper was usually later than I wanted.

Menu planning! What a novel idea. The internet has truly helped me become organized. A quick search brought many web pages (there were no blogs back then LOL) of women who planned menus. whoa. Why didn't I think of that before?

Everyone gives input for the weekly menu before I do the shopping. I find the kids eat better when they get what they want, which also takes a lot of burden off me when it comes to thinking up meals. Most of the meals are based on the sales ads for that week, but I'm willing to splurge or dig into our stock pile.

After a few weeks of having menus planned I was hooked. I keep a pretty good stock on hand and have a few of our favorite standbys and quick meal fixings in case we change our minds or something comes up. The planned meal just gets pushed over to another day. Gotta be flexible you know. Having everything in the house for 7 complete suppers to mix and match that week is .. well.. AWESOME. I check the menu list the night before and take out anything needing defrosting.

The list for the week is on the fridge and everyone knows what to expect. No more "what's for supper? " or "Ugh, I am not hungry for THAT."

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The Semi-single Mom said...

Me too...I have fought it tooth & nail. I don't want to be bogged down to have to have a particular dish but its a necessary evil. I am trying for the 2 week thing. We have the space & I hate the grocery store.