Thursday, April 15, 2010


Whew! Mailed them last night. All done.

It seems around here we are either full steam ahead or doing nothing at all. We went for weeks of weekends with friends and enjoying the weather and each other to OH.MY.GOSH.I.HAVE.SO.MUCH.TO.DO!

Every weekend is filled with wedding, showers, parties, things to do... I have to go to work to get a breather. In a few weeks most of what I MUST DO will be past me. I know I need to slow down and enjoy the excitement and the ride.. but it's just so hard when you have lots on your plate.

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Deeny said...

Wow I didn't realize you had older kids like me till reading STC just now. My Guys are 22, 20 and 13. Yes Spring seems busy for us too but then most activities stop for the summer except boy scouts. Summer is not my favorite season where I live. It is excessively hot and dreary hazy and grey or stormy. But it is beautiful weather right now.