Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Love of Lists

I love lists.

Why? I can think about it once and be done. After that, I can let the list tell me what to do and can concentrate on other things. Why burdon my brain with unneccessary things??

I made a list of meals we eat routinely. I put them on index cards and keep them in my home binder. When I get in a rut, I can pull out the cards and it gives me ideas. I have them in categories like: chicken, beef, pork, sides, crockpot/quick and easy.

I based this off of Flylady. I made of list things I wanted done weekly. Then I divided that up between Mon - Fri. A little each day is much easier than a full day of cleaning. I made of list of all the things I wanted done in each room, divided my house into zones like FlyLady suggests, and now have a list for each room. I keep my pages in page protectors and check them off with a dry erase marker. This way, if I don't get to it this month I will know where I left off when I come back to it. No more trying to remember.

I make a list of menus for the week, making my grocery list for the week based on that list. I also put my list in order of the store. Ohoo, i can feel your face tensing up and looking at the computer funny! I'll tell you why I do this.

Ever go to the store and forget something making you back track with that loaded cart?? I have. Many times I decided it was too much trouble to back track. I regretted that once I was home and NEEDED that one thing to make my meal. A quick trip to the store can turn into much longer than you wanted if your stuff is not in order. One day I drew the layout of my store. I labeled each isle. Now I can look at my drawing, see what's on that isle and make my list in order. Rarely do I have to back track now. I also put the pages in my coupon binder according to the store. flip the page as you hit the next isle. Think about it once and then it's done!

Running errands is no different. I make my list of stores and what I want at each store. I then number the stores in order of going to them. I group store together by location and the same side of the road. It's a pain to cut across the traffic back and forth. This way I can go up one side of the road, stopping as needed, but across once and then do the places on that side of the road. Much less stressful.

When my sister and I Cmas shop at the mall, we park at one end then walk to the opposite to start shopping. We have our list for each store and each store is numbered as to what order we will hit them. When we are done shopping we are near the car. Much easier to carry bags once thru the mall.

I love lists. Think about your list while you have free time, make it and forget it! Let the list tell you what to do next. Free your mind, ease your stress!

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