Sunday, May 02, 2010

Shopping venture

One of my best friends' and I did some shopping on Saturday. I packed a "snack bag" of carrots, cherry tomatoes, ranch dip, laughing cow cheese, pretzel rods, gogurt and drinks for us to power snack instead of stopping for lunch - we were meeting up with other friends later that evening for dinner.

I found some really good deals. My friend is a fashion diva and mixing and matching clothes is right up her alley. I was able to snag some navy, khaki and gray slacks from Dillards for 20.00 each. wow! Reg 40.00 a pair.

Then we made our way to Kohl's and I picked up 4 shirts on sale, of course!

Next was Ross. Love the prices. I was able to pick up 2 of those tiny sweaters (shrugs?) for the cost of 1 from the mall. I finally found a shirt to go with the black skirt I have had for, oh, 2 yrs?

We slipped into a little shop of accessories and she helped me pick out some new earrings and necklaces for my new tops.

Met up with friends for dinner. What a great time. I was pooped.

This morning I laid out all my new clothes, mixed and matched, then hauled out some stuff from my closet to mix and match some more.

Next weekend.... shoes!

And to think at one time I did not like shopping???

oh, I also splurged and bought some nice perfume. MMMMM

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