Saturday, June 26, 2010

The job, uhm, the NEW job

Has it really been over a month that I have been at my new job?? Really? Time sure flies when you are busy.

First, yes, I love my new job. I love going to the office. I love hearing about how everyone spent their weekend, what they like, what they hate, etc. I love talking about current events, hearing their views and their opinions. I love learning my job. The "teacher" is awesome and I'm doing really well. I love the mix of medical work, office work, spread sheets and phone calls, faxes and copies.



I can say the move was the best thing for me. I feel very comfortable in my new job, with the people I work with and all the other people I come into contact with on a daily basis. Work is good.

How is the homefront? Trust me, it suffered. My poor bathroom! YIKES. It's clean now. Whew! It was a mess.

It helps to have older kids. It helps it is summer time and they are at home to pick it up and keep up on the chores. You know, unload and load dishes, sweep, vacuum, mop, dust. Yes, these are their normal chores, but it sure helps !!

The only problem is squeezing in the grocery shopping and the cooking of the food. Good thing my husband loves to cook and is home a good bit of the time and does most of the cooking. When he is gone we fall back on simple and light meals.

The only other thing that bothers me is the constant having to pick up and put things back where they go. Like, the nail file or the clippers, the tiny pieces of paper that seems to sprout in the middle of the night on the living room floor, the book that never got put back, the pen, the paper, the magazine, the purse, the keys, the cell phone, the DVD, the... surely you know what I am talking about???

Usually on the weekends we hit the mall, a few other fav stores and go out to dinner. This weekend I vowed to stay home and enjoy the time off. Laundry is always done on the weekends, so that was a given. I have enjoyed just being home and feeling quite rested. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few chapters in on a book I am reading and make a run to the store for much-needed items.

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