Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We did Netflix years ago. Like, 5 plus years ago. Boy, has it changed.

We signed up for the 2 week trial. I think we may end up keeping it a bit longer. We opted for the 1 DVD at a time package. We get a movie near the weekend, enjoy it, mail it back and by the next weekend we have a new movie waiting to be watched. The only drawback is there are a lot of things we want to see. We are kind impatient.

That leads me to the next topic... streaming Netflix! WOW. Besides the 1 DVD at a time, we also get unlimited streaming Netflix. We hooked up the PS3 to the TV and stream the "watch instantly" movies to the TV. Granted, not everything is "watch instantly", but some really good ones are! We have also been catching up on movies we wanted to see, but for some reason we missed them. We are also enjoying watching some old favs.

It's a great way to spend a HOT day or a rainy day.

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