Friday, July 23, 2010

What are you reading?

Each year I set goals for myself. I give myself a whole year to incorporate this goal into my life, each year adding another one. One year it was to become more organized. I started using a calendar coupled with a planner for my purse. So far so good. Dunno why I did not think of that sooner. Actually, I did. When I tried it, a dayplanner that I carried around worked best. So you see, sometimes our goals need a little tweeking to make them work in our busy lives.

This year I wanted to spend more time with my friends. Let's face it, friendships are relationships. You have to WORK at relationships. Not like a marriage, but it still takes spending time together. It does not have to consume your time. It can be as simple as an early feature movie, appetizers together, coffee and dessert, movies at home, or shopping. This year I can happily say that I have made time for my friends and enjoyed it. My husband is a huge help with this. He knows how valuable friendships are and encourages me and tells me it is OKAY to spend time with the girls. For many years I was a stay at home mom and there was no time for girl friends or shopping or leizure lunches. I sacrificed a lot. I rarely had ME time. The kids are teens now and love going to the mall for the afternoon while the girls and I shop at MOM stores. They love sitting at their own tables when we grab a bite. They feel so grown up. I feel like I am setting a good example to them by making time for myself but also including them.

Another goal was to bring back a favorite past time of mine: Reading. I used to spend hours reading. My friends would come spend the night and we would lounge around and read, swap books, and talk about the books. I love holding a book and turning the pages. I love the smell of a new book. The spine is tightly bound. It creeks a little when you push it too far. The pages are crisp. The hard covers edges are pointy and hard. Even a paperback has the same feel. You don't wanna bend that cover around the back just yet.

I remember diving into books for hours on end. We did the summer reading programs at the public library. Times were very different then and my mom would even dropped us off at the library while she ran errands. I can remember gathering up a stack of books and turning the rest of the world out, becoming lost in the story on the pages. Animals of every kind. Kids doing amazing things. Far off places.. the visions danced in my head. I was practically there myself!

Somewhere between finding boys, getting married and having a house and kids there was no free time to read. Where there was time, I wanted NO stimulation. I wanted to REST my brain.

My other goal this year was to start reading again. And read I have! It feels so good. I love to spend a rainy day curled up on the couch or the bed reading. My boss loaned me some books to read. I blazed thru them. This was becoming addicting. I was spending less time in front of the computer and more time using my imagination. I was able to slow down my brain at the end of a busy day by deverting it with a book, giving my brain something else to focus on.

Then my boss informed me she bought a Nook.


Oh yeah! A NOOK! I had to have one. I am a gadget freak. A Nook is an Ereader. You read ebooks on it. Remember when we had 8-tracks and 45s? They were cumbersome to carry around. Then came cassettes and CDs. Now we have Ipods to carry around all our music. The same goes for an Ereader. You can put hundreds of books on there and carry them around with you. You can make notes, highlight things, put bookmarks for reference.... you can even lend an Ebook to a friend who also has a Nook. You download books from Barnes and Noble. They also offer Free Book Friday. You can download a book for free! There are even free books on the B&N website. Awesome!

Then I discovered you can also download books from the public library onto your Nook (and various other Ereaders).

I am loving it!

So, what are you reading?? Right now I am reading Dirty Harriot and have Dear John waiting next! I have already burned thru a few books from the library and some paperbacks my boss loaned to me. My Nook is charging, getting ready for a weekend of reading. Goal accomplished!


Kelly said...

I love to read and actually have kept a spreadsheet for the last 3 years of all the books I have read. Right now I am reading The Christmas Quilt and I just read 4 books while we were at the beach. It is my favorite way to spend a quiet afternoon!

Rachel said...

Wow! You really are organized! I think the software from the library keeps track of all that. I know people who read a few books at once. It's not as hard to do as I thought it would be. I am about to start reading Dear John because I simply cannot wait!